Why You Should Use HubSpot?

We need to make some important decisions throughout our lives: hiring a new employee, choosing a profession where we can be successful, meeting a new person for the second time…

If you are a business owner or working in the marketing department, the most important and priority decision you will make is the marketing platform you will use.

Without a doubt, HubSpot comes to mind when it comes to marketing. What makes HubSpot so popular that lets you manage all your marketing processes from a single center?

Here are the features and benefits that make it easy for you to make your decision before switching to HubSpot:


Since the Inbound approach to marketing and sales has become an increasingly popular and effective method for business growth, it is not surprising that there are many tools available to marketers.

However, it can be challenging to decide which tools to use and to understand and implement whether these tools can work together in a beneficial way.

That’s where HubSpot comes in. Because all the tools on one platform.

If you are a newcomer to the HubSpot, you can ask what is HubSpot ”. Briefly, HubSpot is an Inbound Marketing and Sales software that helps companies attract visitors’ attention, transform potential customers and close sales.

The platform is designed as a single-center platform that will help you run Inbound Marketing from start to finish by replacing other Inbound marketing tools (Google Sheets, SalesForce, HootSuite, etc.).

HubSpot Marketing Software – Everything You Need for an Effective Marketing Campaign in One Place

You can integrate many of the various marketing tools that you are currently using and merging or modifying into HubSpot marketing software. HubSpot can create buyer-oriented content with the following features in the marketing platform and promote these content.


HubSpot’s fully integrated blogging platform equips you or your creators with a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website. Interactive content is a must for Inbound Marketing. HubSpot makes it easy to write, format, and edit blog content with in-page editors that let you create a post from scratch or use one of the pre-made blog templates.

HubSpot makes SEO optimization as easy as falling of a log. When creating blog content, it provides you with keyword and SEO suggestions so you can rank high above your competitors and make the most of your keywords.

With HubSpot’s calendar tool, you can bring your blog to the right users at the right time. You can plan your editorial calendar and set your content to a later date to be published at the right time. You can link your social media accounts to automatically share new content. When your subscribers drop their e-mail, you can have new published content sent to their e-mail address automatically.

After all these hard work, if you want to see how your blog content is performing, you can see which content is driving traffic, generating leads and gaining customers with HubSpot’s built-in analytics tool.

Landing Pages

If you had the chance to do just one thing to significantly increase your ROI, we would suggest choosing landing pages on your website.

How do you create landing pages in HubSpot? HubSpot provides a library of templates optimized for mobile devices or allows you to create a landing page with user-friendly editors. Would you like to see what your page looks like on mobile, iPad, and desktop before you publish the landing page? Yes, this is also possible with HubSpot. The good thing about this feature is that you don’t need a designer or an IT professional to create a professional-looking landing page.

To improve the performance of your landing pages, you can show each visitor personalized content, call-to-action (CTA), and forms. You can dynamically show different content to a visitor based on the location of a visitor, the device it uses, the phase of the purchase cycle, or other contact information stored in your CRM.

While your landing page is live, you can analyze its performance to achieve ultimate conversion and perform A / B tests by making changes for each item. You can also get customized keyword suggestions when creating landing page content, which is on the blog.


If you’re using HubSpot, you don’t need designers or an IT employee to create a professional email design. With HubSpot’s “drag-and-drop” feature, you can choose reusable, branded email templates, or choose from the extensive library.

Using the name personalization feature, you can customize e-mails for each subscriber to provide a higher e-mail opening rate.
You can access the subscriber’s lifecycle phase, list membership, and other information stored in CRM to present HubSpot, related topic lines, links, and CTA.

The best part? You can plan your email campaign and sit back with the comfort of knowing that your emails will be sent at the most convenient time, regardless of the time frame.

Marketing Automation

With marketing automation, you can enable potential customers to move forward in their paths to gain more opportunities. You can also use the behaviorial patterns of each lead to scale email, content, offers, and access.

By automating your email campaigns, you can take potential customers further in the funnel and capture higher quality leads.
You can choose from dozens of triggers, conditions, and actions to send the right emails to the right leads at the right time.

Automation is not just for email. When a contact takes significant action, you can automate various tasks and activate notifications for your team.

Lead Management

How much time do you or your sales team spend on consolidating data from disconnected tools and databases? With HubSpot’s lead management, you can access every detail about a single lead.

It also provides you with a chronological timeline at every point of contact between a person and your company, such as emails, page visits, social media interactions, and downloads.

The best part is that the HubSpot Inbound Marketing platform and HubSpot free CRM work seamlessly together. Watch out here. If you use Salesforce as your CRM, a Salesforce and HubSpot integration is available.


As with landing pages and emails, you can easily create your entire website from scratch with a simple “drag-and-drop”. Content can be personalized for every visitor and you can get SEO recommendations that will move your website to the top positions in the Google search engine.

with HubSpot:
-Your site is optimized for mobile devices from the outset.
-Your pages will automatically adapt to any device your visitor may have.
-You can see how your site will appear on any device.
-You can measure everything you need on your website.


Need data? HubSpot eliminates your “result-oriented” thirst! You can measure your entire marketing funnel from acquisition to closure.

No one wants to waste time with unqualified potential customers. This software can measure the amount and quality of incoming traffic to your website. You can analyze how your pages are performing and from which traffic sources the most visits, people, and customers come from. When you know which resources have the highest value, feed the highest value fields!

Analytical tool, web sites, landing pages, e-mail, blog posts, social media accounts and so on. including detailed reports for each of your marketing assets.

HubSpot SEO allows you to get much better traffic. You’ll never miss a ranking opportunity. By identifying the right keywords and topics to target in your content, you’ll be able to gain visibility from important keywords.
It is seen that how your competitors rank in the keywords you target in a single dashboard. On this page to manage your SEO strategy.

Social Media Sharing and Monitoring
HubSpot makes things easier on both topics. So when you create campaigns, you can easily share on social networks.
You can share content – blog posts, landing pages, and more – quickly and easily, directly on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also link your social media accounts to your company’s blog for seamless automatic sharing. If you don’t want to post anything right away, schedule the time to share content to meet your followers at the right time.
HubSpot’s social media monitoring feature allows you to connect with important people. Social interactions are linked to real people in your database because it sees the deepest content and allows you to prioritize conversations with important people. When a potential customer talks about a particular keyword or hashtag, don’t miss the opportunity to attract customers’ attention, reach or satisfy customers with trigger email alerts.
Go further and create custom keyword tracking streams for your team members to see the interactions they care about.
All of your marketing is integrated with your CRM so you can see the number of visits your social media has created for your company, leads and customers.

Calls To Action

Once people receive your content, what do you want them to do?

1. Let them visit your website
2. Schedule a sales meeting
3. Download a content bid
This is where CTA works!

HubSpot’s CTA builder creates professional CTA buttons or pop-ups in a few easy steps. To convert each piece of content into a conversion machine, you can convert them to web pages, landing pages, blog posts, and so on.

People like to personalize, pull contacts using any detail in your database, thanks to personalized CTAs. HubSpot can even adapt CTAs to anonymous visitors based on location, device, referral source, or preferred language.

Test your CTAs with the A / B test to make data-based decisions and say goodbye to predictions.


HubSpot’s ad plug-ins report potential customers and ROI from Facebook and AdWords ads. This way you can learn exactly how your paid ads work.

Your HubSpot list can be used to create a link with a Facebook Ads audience. This eliminates manual uploads and automatically targets potential customers.

You don’t have to manage your AdWords and Facebook ads on separate platforms. All of your ads can be edited and managed in HubSpot. Offers created with these ads will instantly enter your HubSpot CRM.

Salesforce Integration

Especially when it comes to marketing and sales database, we are all striving to achieve compliance. With HubSpot you can do exactly that. HubSpot synchronizes with Salesforce easily. An engineer team and support staff are also available to maintain and improve their integration.

You’ll never have to export a list from Salesforce to start a campaign or personalize a marketing email. If your sales team closes a lead, Salesforce sends the data directly to HubSpot.

HubSpot sales software features:

-HubSpot Sales Pro helps you connect with the right people with the right message at the right time.

-Plus, HubSpot Sales Pro provides you with everything you need to increase productivity, shorten deal cycles and make the sales process more human-friendly without increasing your workload.

-The following features will ensure that your sales team doesn’t miss out on leads and opportunities.

Sales Automation

Similar to Marketing Software automation, HubSpot Sales Software takes and automates all the manual and time-consuming tasks your sales representatives perform on a daily basis. you can create opportunities and tasks, and much more by using Sales Software.

Pipeline Management

You want to focus on the right opportunities, don’t you? HubSpot Pipeline Management features help you do this. As a person and company record is added, CRM will create new opportunities from them based on the latest information. So, there will be less time for data entry and more time for searching.

Pipeline management is also customizable for you, so you can create your ideal process. Use the sales control panel to check your progress towards sales quotas, so you know about each stage.

Email Schedule

You do not need to leave your Gmail account to schedule an email. Just click the HubSpot program icon in the Gmail window and select a time.

All e-mails are related to timing. Send your emails to their recipients at the most convenient time. You can select several times according to the predetermined time or select it yourself.

Although emails are scheduled, you can edit them before they are sent. You won’t have to worry about checking your email anymore.

Email Series

Send a series of scheduled emails to avoid losing prospects. Make a selection from the message list and save a contact from your inbox.

Just because your emails are automated doesn’t mean they can’t be personalized anymore. Use ization personalization tokens e to tailor e-mails from your series to HubSpot CRM or contact and company information of Salesforce’. Then add certain details to your email to make it humane.

HubSpot will provide you with data, so you know which sequences work best for you and optimize your email for the best results.

Email Tracking

Stop guessing with email tracking! You can receive instant notification when a lead opens an email and clicks a link in the email. These notifications will help you send perfectly scheduled follow-up emails.

Tracking history includes an activity stream that automatically adds each lead history to HubSpot Sales on a daily basis.

Email Templates

When selling, you are sending repeated emails. With HubSpot’s email templates, you can convert your most effective and repetitive emails to templates that are accessed in your email inbox when composing email. HubSpot has a library of built-in templates, or you can make your own.

Real-time metrics show which templates are performing and which ones need improvement.

Document Tracking

HubSpot offers a center where you can add all your sales documents. You have the ability to create and share a document or a library of your entire sales library for your entire team to access.

When a lead opens a document, you’ll be notified instantly, so you can follow them in a timely and relevant way. Optimize your documents and personalize your conversation by seeing who views each document and on which pages.


With HubSpot’s call and call tracking feature, you’ll queue up and create your daily sales calls using engagement and property in CRM! So you will spend less on searching and have more time on sales.

A really nice feature of this tool is that you don’t have to leave your browser or make a phone call to make a call. With a single click, you connect to a potential customer via Voice Over IP on your desk phone. Your calls will always come from your personal call number, so no calls will be missed.

All calls are automatically saved to HubSpot CRM or Salesforce.

Live Chat

With the HubSpot Sales Pro live chat tool, you can connect directly to potential customers in real time when they are actively on your website. This is the best time that leads are interested and active in the purchasing process.

With the live chat tool, conversations can be directed directly to the sales person to establish better relationships and provide more opportunities. Leads and conversations are seamlessly synchronized to HubSpot, so the salesperson can plan follow-up tasks for the future as well as maintaining these relationships.

You do not need an IT staff! All you need to do is get the code and place it on any page on your website where you want the live chat to appear!

Meeting Planning

Past-and-future meeting scheduling HubSpot’s meeting widgets are a thing of the past. Meeting widgets are synchronized with your calendar. This allows your customers to see your current status. These widgets and programmers can be placed on your website and in your emails.

Send group meeting links to make time for prospects who want to meet with more than one person in your company. If you do not have a sales representative currently available, a link to the prospect is shared and the prospect selects a time based on the availability of the sales representatives and creates the meeting reservation.

When meetings are booked, HubSpot instantly creates a record in CRM.

Custom Reports and Report Templates

Report any metrics from HubSpot Marketing, any records from HubSpot CRM, and all data from integrated applications and customize them to your needs.

HubSpot offers a library of reporting templates or you can build it yourself, and you can choose between pie, bar, ring charts and area charts. Then your data is shown here in real time.

It’s also important to share metrics with your team. With custom reporting, you can create an unlimited number of dashboards, so that everyone can focus on their data.

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