Response is a digital growth marketing agency
that lands on two continents

London | Istanbul | Dubai

Founded in 2015 with rather modest resources but with the remarkable talent of a multilingual and multicultural team of professionals, it now manages more than 20,000 growth-based campaigns for over 50 multinationals worldwide.

Murat Durak

Managing Director | Chief Digital Growth Strategist

Melis Sarıtaş

VP, Growth & Operations

Damla Tuban

Digital Growth Marketing Director

Gözde Bumin

Digital Growth Account Director

Nurhan Keeler

Market and Business Development Consultant

Tzanan Nalmpant

Business Development Manager - Growth Marketer

Rıdvan İlçi

Growth Marketing Senior Manager

Öykü Özkan

Growth Marketing Manager

Gönül Arı

Office administrator

Duygu Doğan

Digital Growth Account Executive

Meltem Turanlı

Sr. Account Manager

Burcu Merdal

Digital Growth Account Executive

Beni Tatlıdil

Performance Marketing Specialist

Metin Durak

Performance Marketing Specialist

Faruk Yiğit Önsoy

Digital Media&Analytics Intern

Ceren Ceylan

Digital Growth Marketing Strategist

Sevgi Pınarbaşı

Digital Growth Marketing & Strategy Intern

Yusuf Can Ekmekçi

Jr. Digital Growth Marketing Strategist

Batuhan Yalçın

Digital Growth Marketing & Strategy Intern