Tips to Create a Better Customer Experience for Driving Growth

All businesses, brand owners, and service providers know that a great customer experience leads to growth and increased revenue.

Today, many brands, marketplaces, and businesses attract consumers. So, customers have an opportunity to choose between many brands standing in front of them. Through that, customer experience becomes more critical than ever before.

According to the North Highland survey results, customer experience has been identified as the top strategic priority for businesses to drive growth in 2020. We believe it will continue to be among the primary strategies of companies in 2022.

This blog post will cover tips to create a better customer experience to drive sustainable growth. But first, let’s understand what CX is and its importance more deeply.

What is Customer Experience?

The customer experience (CX) refers to how a business interacts with the customers at every stage of their purchasing journey. In general, customer experience is about all the interactions between your customer and your brand.

One of the main factors that shape customer experience is what your customers think about your brand. All communications throughout the buyer’s journey, including the first touchpoint with the customer, can improve or negatively affect how your customers think about you.

Why is Customer Experience important for your business?

The decision-making mechanism of the consumer can improve by the experience they receive. While a successful customer experience enables you to acquire new customers, it also positively affects the brand loyalty of your existing customers.

Interactions with customers over multiple devices and channels can make it difficult for brands to create an ideal customer experience journey. For this reason, the processes followed by brands and the technologies they use must also be compatible across all platforms used to provide customers with an accurate and consistent experience.

What is the differentiation between Customer Experience and Customer Service?

Customer service is only a piece of the customer experience. CX contains the entire perspective of your customers’ interactions with your brand. On the other hand, customer service provides assistance or support to customers about a specific need.

How to Improve Customer Experience to drive sustainable growth?

To improve the customer experience, you need to ensure your business has a customer-centric mindset. As a whole company, you should pay attention to the demands of your customers and listen to them. Regularly receiving feedback from your customers will also positively affect the customer experience. Here are some tips for creating a better customer experience.

1) Having a customer-centric company culture

Having a customer-centric mindset for the entire company is the first step towards creating a good customer experience.

Basing your behavior towards your customers on the common principles and guidelines you have determined as the whole company allows you to create a single and good brand perception. In this way, your customers feel valued and know that they will get answers to their needs.

2) Consolidate Customer Feedback regularly

You may be aware of your customer needs, but if you have never collected their feedback, there may be needs, requests, and difficulties that you have not considered. Gathering feedback from your customers regularly shows you what you can improve in the experience you provide. That’s why the most successful companies rely on their customers for everything they do, from product creation to marketing.

You can make your work easier by using some tools and technologies to collect feedback.

3) Analyze the customer journey mapping

The customer journey map shows your customers the entire process from the first point of contact with you to the end of their experience. It helps you analyze the interactions and needs of your customers with your brand. This way, you can better understand the problems your customers have and where the opportunities are. So you can improve the CX according to the insights you gain from the customer journey mapping.

4) Measure the ROI of a good customer experience

Investing in customer experience positively impacts revenue growth. Because the return of investment directly affects customer loyalty and company profitability. So, we can also understand the impact of a good CX by looking at the business results. However, many companies use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure CX.

According to the research, “Companies with better customer experience earn 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that are ineffective in customer experience.”


Today, customers have a lot of power over companies, which shows that we need to give the necessary importance to customer experience. With a good customer experience, you can enhance the brand loyalty of your existing customers, obtain new customers and grow in revenue.

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