How to Create Customer-Centric Content to Drive Growth

Adopting a customer-centric content strategy helps you build relationships with your customers, increase the chances of conversions and achieve sustainable growth.

Content marketing teams need to deliver helpful, relevant content for customers, even after they close the sales. This turns customers into brand advocates that generate new customers through referrals from word-of-mouth.

In this article, we’ll show you tools and strategies to help you get to know your audiences better and create customer-centric content to drive growth.

Research before creating content

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Creating a customer-centric content strategy requires empathy. Successful marketers have empathy for their audiences. They understand that the more they know about the audience, the better their chances for clear communications.

So, who are your target audience? What problems do they have? Where do they go online to find solutions for their problems? In order to answer these questions, we recommend you use the tools below.

Keyword research helps you understand which words your target audience is using to describe your product or service.

Google Trends shows how many searches there have been for a keyword or term over a period of time. The Keyword Planner gives data on each search term you are targeting and how much competition you will face if you decide to use it.

Google Analytics helps you identify who your visitors are, how long they stay, and which content resonates with them.

Facebook and Instagram Insights or Twitter Analytics show the demographics of the current followers and the days and times they are most active.

Don’t guess, ask their opinions

You need to understand what motivates your audience if you want to drive conversions with your content. It is vital that you understand the core emotional motivators of your customers and craft messages that resonate with them. 

There are other ways to figure out what your customers want besides doing research.

Instead of guessing what they are thinking, you can just ask them.

You can use these mediums to gather information from customers:

  • Customer interviews
  • Email surveys
  • Review and testimonials
  • Chat sessions
  • Questions and threads on forums (Quora, Reddit)

All of these can give you insights into how they feel about what you are providing.

Another option is to ask the opinions of your sales team. They interact with your audience and have a grasp of your customer’s desires and pain points. 

Convert features into benefits

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No one cares what you can do. Everyone cares what you can do for them.

Most of your potential buyers don’t care about your features, but instead, care about how it makes their lives better and how it fulfills their needs.

If you want to create better content that converts, you need to learn how to take your immense feature knowledge and turn it into believable benefits.

Make your customer the hero of your story


It’s harsh, but your customers don’t really care about your business beyond how it can help them solve a problem and make life better. The sooner you realize this and embrace it, the sooner you can show customers how much you can help them.” (Donald Miller)

Your customer should always be the hero of any story you tell. Always position your customer as the hero and your brand as the guide. The biggest mistake brands make is they position themselves as the hero in the story instead of the guide. A brand that positions itself as a hero is destined to lose. 

In every great story, a hero encounters a problem that she needs to solve. When you position your brand as the guide to help them find tools and confidence to succeed, you’ll engage more customers and drive growth.

Paint a picture for your customers with your content. Show them how their lives or their businesses will change when they choose your product or service.


Creating a customer-centric content marketing strategy becomes much easier if you truly understand how your customers are thinking, and remember that they should be the hero of your brand’s story. 

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