Why You Should Use Marketing Automation?

If you are considering marketing automation for your company, it is important to understand what you expect and what benefits before you start comparing various tools.

At a basic level, we can say that marketing automation is about optimization.

From optimizing the time of your staff to optimizing which customers your sales team focuses on, the scope of marketing automation goes beyond automating the routine tasks of your marketing department.

Throughout this article, we will explore many ways to use marketing automation, but let us begin with some of the macro-level advantages that marketing automation has in the business world as a whole.

How does marketing automation benefit a business as a whole?

I think these are the five major company-wide benefits of implementing a marketing automation solution.

1) Reduce your staff costs

Using marketing automation software, an employee can replace a marketing and sales department of 50 people. How Does? Set up auto-triggered lead-feeder marketing campaigns based on specific criteria.

A few months after you create these automated campaigns, your business may be sending thousands of personalized emails each day, automatically linked.

2) Increase revenue and average sales volume

By automating cross-selling, up-selling, and customer tracking, you may notice an increase in the value of customer lifetime. Combining this with better lead management and prioritization, it is likely that your sales activity will generate a better return on investment (ROI).

Almost all of the benefits mentioned in this paper contribute in some way to increasing revenue and increasing sales volume.

3) Improve the accountability of marketing and sales teams.

Marketing automation clearly identifies where there are bottlenecks in your company, thanks to clearly defined processes and a bird’s eye view of the sales funnel.

If the marketing team captures hundreds of potential customers and none of them are nourished to make “sales leads,, the marketing department will receive immediate and unbiased feedback whenever they need to improve their nutritional campaigns.

This feedback system reduces difficult conversations and company policies, at the same time improves the accountability of staff and departments and enables the system to perform effectively.

4) Be More Effective

No matter how big or small your team is, you have limited resources to grow your business. Marketing automation enables you to get more efficiency from the hours you can use.

5) Less repetition, more creativity

If you replace manual repetitive jobs with automatic rules, you will naturally free your staff time to focus on more creative tasks.

While there are clear benefits to staff productivity and effectiveness, there is a softer and less tangible benefit on creativity and overall happiness when your staff focuses on a variety of creative work rather than on ordinary repetitive tasks.

How does marketing automation benefit the marketing team?

In this section, I would like to focus on how marketing automation enables marketers to be more effective and achieve a higher ROI in their activities.

6) Organize your marketing processes

One of the best things about implementing marketing automation software is that if you haven’t already done so, your customer’s journey and marketing strategy requires you to visualize them to create the processes around you.

While this does not seem remarkable, it allows you to create processes around the customer journey and gradually organize how you target and feed your potential customers.

7) Target potential customers across multiple channels

One of the powerful benefits of marketing automation to marketers is the ability to reach customers in different personalized online and offline channels.

When creating a marketing sequence as shown above; customers can choose to send them an email, text and tweet, or make a phone call when they reach certain stages of the customer journey.

Some marketing automation tools have more options than others, with multi-channel targeting. Most of them enable email, social media, and phone calls, while only a few tools (eg Ontraport) enable sending text messages and postcards.

8) Never stop A / B testing for your campaigns

Unlike the traditional welcome page or email A / B test, marketing automation tools make it easier to run ongoing A / B tests, as opposed to testing a campaign once or twice before sending it to the mailing list.

Imagine having A / B testing in every campaign and every stage of your marketing process. Over time, increasing improvements in your marketing effectiveness will make a significant improvement in the efficiency of your funnel.

9) Increase customer lifelong value through up sales and cross sales

How much revenue will your business have to give up by forgetting or not implementing a series of up-selling and cross-selling efforts?

By creating an automatic set of rules with marketing automation, you get the human perspective from up sales and cross sales. Suppose you are running an e-commerce site that sells bicycle gear equipment.

In addition to generic up sales, such as reminding customers to order new tires or inspiring them with popular Christmas gift products, you can also set up personalized up sales.

For example, if a customer buys a bike model with optional gear upgrade, you may want to automate an email campaign or text message that describes and reminds you of this upgrade 30 days before your birthday.

Over time, the impact of these marketing types on customer lifetime value can be dramatic.

10) Increase your market effectiveness to a highly targeted level

The ability to create targeted marketing campaigns on a large scale is one of the greatest opportunities for marketers today. Because, as taught in marketing 101, the more relevant a proposal or product is to a potential customer, the more likely it is for customers to give their money.

Never before had the opportunity or privilege to reach 1,000 different leads fully automated with 1,000 different messages.

I will leave the possibilities of this to your imagination.

11) Save time to manage your social media campaigns

Most marketing automation tools allow you to manage all your social media campaigns from a dashboard and broadcast to multiple accounts at once. While it’s easy to do this with tools like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite for years, it’s hard to connect to the only system you use to track potential customers.

12) Schedule publications and campaigns ahead of time

Marketing automation tools enable you to plan your campaigns and social media broadcasts on time, making your organization easier.

Although this functionality has been available since the early days of email marketing and social media marketing, the added benefit of doing this from a marketing automation tool is that you can easily schedule different publications for different segments of your audience based on your audience’s CRM system data.

For example, instead of planning to send a message to your entire database, you can plan five small variations to five different segments of your audience and personalize them all to your needs and interests.

13) Reduce the time required to create campaigns

Most marketing automation tools have a drag-and-drop interface; allows you to create email campaigns, welcome pages, and social campaigns without any technical or design expertise.

You can implement marketing campaigns more efficiently without having to adjust the timing of web design or graphic design to create a campaign (you can save time for the design team).

14) Redirect existing content to feed leads

If your company has a blog, it’s likely that sharing a blog post from your social media profiles will not create a workload.

With marketing automation, you can give your existing content a second chance by creating automated rules to propose content that educates customers and prospects throughout your customer’s life cycle.

15) Best way to report what works or doesn’t work

The marketing automation software works with the data in your CRM system to tell you not only which campaigns are running, but what kind of customer it works for.

The level of knowledge allows you to create in-depth reports and better understand where you need to focus.

16) Reward your most loyal customers with a referral program

If you use a marketing automation tool that allows you to create and sell products such as Infusionsoft or Ontraport, you can set up a referral program that rewards customers and sales partners when they promote your products for you.

How does marketing automation benefit sales?

If you think that marketing automation is just a tool for the marketing team, you are wrong. Marketing automation is the greatest value that combines CRM and marketing data to help your sales team become more productive.

Let’s take a look at some ways your sales team can benefit from implementing marketing automation.

17) Exclude predictive results from potential scoring

When you install your marketing automation software, you need to create a set of rules and criteria that automatically score leads based on the actions and information of incoming leads.

In most vehicles, potential customers are prioritized on a scale of 1-5 and then categorized as ’marketing leads’ or ‘sales leads‘. If a leads are classified as marketing leads, they will remain in a nutritious campaign until they become sales leads.

This means that your company’s sales team is focused on converting only pre-qualified sales leads to unqualified sales.

18) Prioritize your potential customers with potential customer ratings

Beyond ensuring that your leads are sales qualified, you can prioritize your leads based on the likelihood of conversion or volume of sales.

If you’ve been using a CRM system for the past few years, it goes without saying that it’s not revolutionary, but it’s still very valuable to ensure that you start the day by focusing on transforming the best leads.

19) Keep your CRM data up to date

Creating a CRM database is incredibly valuable, but if the information is out of date, it can quickly reduce the value.

If you connect your CRM system to your marketing automation tool, you can capture more and more information about your potential customers over time while confirming that your key customers’ valuable information is still the same.

20) Know exactly when to call

With potential customer ratings and prioritization, you can see when a potential customer is thinking about your company or solutions when they visit your website.

You can even make alerts to see the pages they look at in real time. This insight allows you to search for qualified potential customers when they think of your company.

21) Reduce lead time

By making the sales process more efficient and effective, you can reduce the time it takes for your potential customers to become a customer.

When Thomson Reuters implemented marketing automation software, it realized that potential conversion times were reduced by 72% and the total revenue attributable to the implementation of the software increased by 175.

22) Automatic tracking to potential customers

A few years ago, a survey suggested by the Harvard Business Review suggested that if you track a potential customer within 1 hour, there is a 60-fold chance of earning a 24-hour wait.

You can ensure that every new lead is immediately followed by marketing automation. Whether on a Friday evening at 6 pm or 6 am, your automation system may have difficulty working when you are not at work.

When implementing Capterra’s marketing automation software, they found that the sales adequacy ratio increased by 400%; the increase was due to faster follow-up and more efficient focusing on the sales team.

23) Never make unwanted calls again

If you’re not someone who likes unwanted calls, marketing automation will make the marketing department easy to provide sales qualified leads, making it almost out of fashion!

With the amount of data captured by automation tools, you’ll have plenty of information about your potential customers’ challenges, from which pages on your website to when they clicked

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