25 Ways to Increase Sales and Lead Generation

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Do you want to increase the profitability of your company through your website? Generating website traffic is only half of success. You may spend months to double the traffic to your website, but if you do not have appealing offers, call-to-action messages, and persuasive lead nurturing campaigns, you will not find a way to turn that traffic into potential customers and ultimately make no profit.

Here are 25 ways to increase website conversions that will benefit not only your website traffic but also to create quality leads:

How to Improve Your Call-to-Action

1. Improve Call-To-Action (CTA) Location

CTAs work best “at the top” (the area users view without having to scroll through your web page). According to heat map analysis, anything “bottom” will be viewable for only 50% of people viewing your page. Doubling impressions on CTAs can significantly increase your potential website leads.

2. Be More Clear About What You Offer

One reason to be successful in increasing sales on the internet is to have a clear offer. State this offer on CTA specifically. If you are giving a free webinar, just say“download our FREE webinar at… “ This is much more effective than “Download Now” or “Download Free Articles ”.

3. Prefer Visual Support Instead of Full-Text CTAs

Visuals are more noticeable than text on a web page and attract much more attention, as seen in heat map studies. Using visual also saves you the hassle of making the offer through text only.

4. Use Contrast Colors According to Your Site’s Color Scheme in CTAs

Your web designer may get a little angry about this; however, if CTA interferes with your site design too much, it cannot stand out that much. Use contrast colors as much as possible to make CTA stand out.

5. Add a Hyperlink to Your CTA to Your Landing Page

How would you feel when you saw unconnected CTAs? Whether intentionally or absent-mindedly, a lack of link will make it difficult for visitors to learn how to find the offer and they will possibly give up. Therefore, check all CTAs 3-4 times to ensure that the links are linked to the corresponding landing pages.

6. Place CTAs on the Most Relevant Pages

CTAs should not be only one size. If your company offers a variety of products or services, you might consider preparing a different offer for each. You can then place CTAs associated with each offer on the website pages in the locations most relevant to that offer.

7. Add CTAs to Each Blog Post

When creating new blog content, select the most relevant offer for that blog post. Then, add a CTA to the bottom of the blog post linking the offer to the landing page. Informative offers such as e-books, guidelines, and webinars are very successful in this area.

Methods of Developing Landing Pages

8. Match Landing Page Title to the Corresponding CTA

Another way to think about CTA when it comes to ways to increase sales is to improve landing pages. Prepare your messages to be consistent with your CTAs and the title of the landing page. If people click on a link for a free offer and find out that there is a trap on the landing page, they instantly lose their trust. Similarly, if the title differs from the CTA, it may cause confusion and the user may wonder if the CTA is linked to the wrong page.

9. Be More Clear About What You Offer

This is the biggest mistake we have seen on landing pages. People often try to be very smart or humorous about the title and do not specify exactly what the offer is. Again, if you’re giving a free webinar, just say “download our FREE webinar at…” Plain and simple.

10. Improve Form Position

Just like the CTA you want to see at the top of the screen, the form is ideal at the top of the screen. This way, there is no confusion about what the visitor expects on this page: they only need to fill out a form to reach your offer.

11. Keep the Form as Simple as Possible

“Simple” does not always mean “short”. What you ask in a form must be consistent with the information your sales team needs to convert leads into sales or relevant teams to run sales-enhancing campaigns. At the beginning of the purchasing cycle of the research process, the name and e-mail address may be sufficient. For potential customers at the bottom of the purchase cycle, you may want some items, such as job title or city, and maybe a phone number. Do not try to ask for more than necessary.

12. Use Images to Show What You Offer

Your landing page does not need to be a masterpiece image, but it should show what your offer is about. If your work is a bit more abstract, like a webinar/whitepaper/e-book, etc. take a screenshot of them and add it to your landing page.

13. Keep Text Brief and Clear

Keep the text brief and quickly get to the point. In addition to your title, include a brief paragraph describing what the offer is, followed by a few bullets that summarize what the offer is about and what the advantages are.

14. Highlight the Benefits of the Offer

Make clear what the benefits of the offer are with short paragraphs and/or bullets. This is nothing more than a list of what the offer consists of: instead of “includes the features of the XYZ product”, just say “learn how XYZ can increase productivity by 50%”.

15. Remove Links and Simplify Navigation to Maintain Focus

When a customer reaches your landing page, you are just a few clicks away to get their contact information. Therefore, do not distract them with connections that will distract them from being a lead. Once a person completes a form and becomes a lead, a thank you page will be shown to them, it will allow you to return to navigation and links.

16. Make Sure Your Offers Are Appealing

Your offer should answer your audience’s question, “What do they offer for me?” Things like pricing brochures, specifications, and self-introduction videos are not appealing offers because they do not answer the above question. Informative elements such as whitepapers, guidelines, and webinars are impressive offers because they answer this question exactly.

17. Create a Thank You Page to Keep New Leads on the Site

When you create a thank you page, you do not only have the ability to undo navigation, but also provide other links to maintain interaction with the leads. You can create CTAs for your next step in the purchase cycle, link them to your blog, encourage leads to follow you on Twitter, ask them to subscribe to your newsletter and more. With the thank you page, you can do more than just add tracking code!

18. LinkBack to Your Site in Your Offer

Although lead nurturing is a very powerful tool for sales promotion campaigns on the internet, be sure to find a way for your potential customers to find you by email; especially those who ignore the emails they receive from people they do not know. If you are satisfied with your whitepaper, add a link to the cover page of your website to make it easier for them to remember where they came from.

19. Create Offers for Each Stage of the Purchase Cycle

As with your changing forms at every stage of the purchase cycle, your offers should be changeable. A person at the top of the buying cycle may be more interested in an informative element, such as a guideline or e-book; whereas someone below the cycle may be more interested in a free trial or demo. You do not have to make a choice. Generate offers for each phase and add primary and secondary CTAs to these pages on various pages on your site.

Ways to Develop Lead Nurturing Campaigns to Increase Online Sales

20. Be More Clear About What You Offer

One reason why we insist on clarity is that it is a mistake that is made very easily but is also very easy to correct. Always be clear about what you are offering. Keep your email short and fun. Instead of giving information about your company in your proposal, go directly to the main topic. What tips do you want to share with your potential customer? What can they benefit from by subscribing to your blog? Why should they care about your new offer on your site?

21. Include Links Back to Your Site

It is extremely difficult to measure the success of your lead nurturing emails using only the “unsubscribe” rate. Add links to your site so that you can test variations and measure what works and what does not. These links do not need to be CTAs that lead to landing pages. You can give more links to free information on your blog, and encourage people to follow you on Twitter.

22. Keep Texts Brief and Clear

People do not want to read e-mails filled with long paragraphs. So, as with your landing pages, you need a short paragraph with clear information and tips and a link that brings them back to your site. Also, save CTA to be used in your marketing campaigns to increase subsequent sales, so you do not look like you are making continuous and direct sales.

23. Create an Eye-Catching Headline

The headline is the most important part of the lead nurturing campaigns to increase brand sales. Without a headline, people will not open your email to read everything you need to say. Tell your recipients what they will benefit from by reading your email.

24. Limit the Number of Images in Your Emails

Lead nurturing emails that contain only text are successful for many reasons. Not only does it reduce the risk of sending your e-mail directly to the SPAM folder, but it also makes your e-mail more effective if you create more personalized text instead of an e-newsletter template sent to thousands of people.

25. Measure and TEST, TEST, TEST to Improve Your Whole Campaign!

You can compress and test everything on your site to improve conversion rates. Once a CTA has been on your homepage for a month, replace the message or replace it with a completely new CTA and compare it to the old one a month later and measure which performs best. If your CTA offer is in your 2nd lead nurturing email, move it to 3rd and see if clickthrough rates increase. If the landing page conversions are low, move the CTA to the top of the form and re-measure the results. Do not be afraid to test different variations. If the old format is better, you can always go back.

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