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Why CMOs Need to Pay Attention to Growth Marketing

When carrying out marketing campaigns, traditional marketers set up their expensive and gut-driven campaigns and then disappear. It doesn’t work that way anymore.

CMOs need an approach that will cover all their marketing goals and fits their budget. This is what growth marketing does. Rather than only focusing on the top and bottom of the sales funnel, it aims for the right customers and nurtures them throughout the sales cycle. 

Growth marketers use techniques such as A/B testing, SEO optimization, landing page optimization, creative ad copy, data-driven email marketing campaigns, and value-added blog posts. The main goal of growth marketers is to lead a higher number of customers down the funnel towards a purchase.

What are the benefits of Growth Marketing?

Customer acquisition

Growth marketers build targeted buyer personas and create content designed to appeal to each of them. They attract the target audience through organic social media channels as well as paid social ads and retargeting. They use A/B testing to optimize social sharing, ads, and content headlines to maximize engagements and form conversions.

It is essential to know how many visitors are on your page. Where they’re coming from, what content they’re clicking on, and the actions they take while there… Growth marketers check whether a certain word or image resonates well with customers. If it makes your conversions increase, they take note and implement it throughout your social platforms. Growth marketers are always looking for ways to increase your conversion rate.

Customer retention

growth marketing

Growth marketing doesn’t just focus on attracting customers. Its main focus is to nurture an ongoing relationship with your customers. In that way, you can increase the number of times they buy the offered product.

Successful growth marketers focus on relationship building and fostering loyalty. It’s a long-term strategy where authenticity and engagement create advocacy and organically grows customer lifetime values.

Growth marketing helps you keep your customers coming back for more with customer retention strategies. People who already bought your products are more likely to come back if they had a great experience. They’ll keep coming if you continue to deliver products, services, and information they find valuable. When you prioritize delivering valuable customer experiences, you’re seeking new ways to add valued information to each customer’s journey. 

A/B Testing & experimentation

growth marketing

“Testing out different tools, tactics, and strategies is how marketers can uncover opportunities to be more efficient while delivering better, more relevant campaigns.

Doris Claesen, Google Ads Lead, Google APAC

The power of testing multiple variations of a landing page or offer is sometimes underestimated. Growth marketing involves A/B testing across multiple channels–email, SMS, advertising, landing pages, and more. This allows growth marketers to learn what customers respond to quickly.

Today, all CMOs have the tools and technologies to become growth marketers. Your focus should be on constantly testing and experimentation to get higher engagement and a better customer experience. As you experiment with new strategies, you’re constantly collecting data. You need to attract customers with highly personalized and tailored campaigns and messages using this data.

Marketing automation

Thanks to growth marketing tools, you’ll leave most of your manual tasks to automation.

When you use marketing automation, you get better at qualifying leads and pass them onto sales. As a result, you get higher revenue and growth. Marketing automation can save CMOs valuable time and money as they nurture leads through the buyer’s journey.

Data-driven marketing campaigns

Contrary to traditional marketing, growth marketing campaigns are data-driven short experiments. Growth marketers are data-driven professionals. They want to capitalize on the content they already created and the ads they already sent out.

You can measure all of your marketing efforts and know exactly where you’re heading with growth marketing campaigns. Growth marketers dive deep into the data to figure out what strategies are working.

Data-driven business decisions help you discover your target audience’s needs. You understand their behavior and predict what will happen when you put a new idea into experimentation. Taking cues from conversions and using segmented loyalty campaigns can help you retain customers, establish brand awareness, and build a community.

Growth marketing can be time-consuming. That’s why a lot of marketers choose to focus on top-of-the-funnel content. But the secret is that focusing on the customer’s entire journey will pay off in the long run.

No matter what stage their business is in, developing a growth marketing strategy will help CMOs retain customers.  They’ll also find new ways to attract new customers to grow their business.

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