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Learn how to design a Killer Digital Media Strategy to start growing your business

Date: 09/03/21

Time: 11:00 to 12:00 Istanbul Local Time (GMT+3)

Who should attend? Company owners, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers (Medium to Large Enterprises)

Resources: Google, Google Ads, SEMrush, Google Trends, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Excel

Because we know that this has been a tough year, my team and I will be hosting a webinar on how to create a Digital Media Plan (documentation and analysis) so that we can share our know-how during this unprecedented period. You will also learn how to organise your brand’s investment on Google Ads and Social Media from scratch. 

With this in mind, Carlota Groot, our Digital Growth Manager will be covering the following topics and we will be using a particular product or service as an example to make the webinar more fun and dynamic.


  • Introduction
  • Recognising your client or buyer persona
  • Keyword evaluation
  • Build a Digital Media Plan 
  • Q&A

Carlota Groot, Digital Growth Manager

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