Web Analytics: By designing your web analytics processes at global standards and at the most advanced level, we enable you to measure all your digital performance in the most effective way and monitor your digital performance. In addition, we develop custom digital marketing attribution models specific to your business and optimize your media mix data-oriented. On the marketing technologies side, we design the most accurate marketing technology architecture you will need and make the necessary technology selection and integrations for you. We make all your digital marketing reports and media plans in real time, and create dashboards for your digital marketing and management teams in a very short time.

On the subject of web analytics we make you see data from a different view that is targeted towards GROWTH, making you see beyond metrics and figures, but to see growth opportunities and business development possibilities. Response DGA digital analytics experts brings you closer to perfection, helping you set accurate parameters for collection of clean data that provides you with trusted actionable insights that makes achieving your business goals possible. We’ll help you define and measure success, by setting and tracking goals and customer interactions with your digital assets.

Marketing Technology Consulting: In the world of multi-channel digital marketing, we personalize and automate your marketing actions with marketing automation technologies at the maximum level. In this way, we enable you to have a more personal, more automatic, real-time reporting and more effective modern marketing process.

Our consultants work with your organization and your marketing team to understand the objectives, processes and present tools and technologies to identify the areas of improvement. Using the insights obtained through this exercise, we help you develop a strategic Martech roadmap that you can implement to achieve your short and long-term goals. Not only this, but we also help you to extract the complete value of your marketing technology investments. As advertising technology experts, we help you establish proper structures, choose the right tools and develop integration strategies for your ad campaigns. We also enable you to gain better measurement insights into your media and ad expenditure while actively supporting you with sustained and effective ad campaigns for better customer experience.

  • Measurement Approach and Framework Design
  • Web & App Analytics Tech Stack Defining
  • Web & App Analytics Setup and Integration
  • Marketing Attribution Analysis & Model Design
  • Media Mix Modelling
  • Real-Time Marketing Dashboard Creation and Data Visualization
  • Martech and AdTech Consulting
  • DMP Setup, Data Taxonomy and Audience Strategy

Marketing Automation Solutions: Marketing automation software is an advanced platform designed to help marketers capture leads, nurture them further down the funnel, and analyze lead behavior and campaign performance. No longer experimental technology, marketing automation tools are now an essential resource for B2C and B2B marketing and sales departments looking to grow their business. We understand how complicated a Marketing Automation process can be. We are a specialist Marketing Automation consultancy, with a team of Marketing Automation specialists who have a thorough understanding of how to utilise Marketing Automation tools to support and enhance your marketing and sales activity – and who can provide you with the necessary insight and knowledge to help you take advantage of the latest Marketing Automation tools.

  • Marketing Automation Tool Setup & Implementation Based on Growth Strategy (HubSpot, Salesforce, etc. based on Client/Company Needs & Business Objectives)
  • Data Strategy Development
  • Client Centric Database Management & Analysis
  • 360 Degree Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy & Management 
  • Data Privacy and Risk Consultancy

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