We established the entire e-commerce operation, created the wesite, created the analytical structure and report formats, structured and managed digital advertising accounts. Within two months, we've designed the media content strategy.


We designed an analytical framework. We have created real-time updated dashboards and reports. We've integrated UX technologies to improve user experience and increase conversion rates and have designed flows that will increase conversion rates.

Real Estate

We have prepared a 12-month lead generation route plan. We have done all human resources, technology and process control. We designed the media and content strategy. We restructured the digital marketing team and trained the existing ones. We have created real-time updated reports.

Management Consulting

We conducted technology, process and human resources audits. We've built the website, we've configured digital ad accounts. We designed a sales funnel report. We increased the lead conversion rate from 9% to 31%.

Health Services

We have designed product strategies and corporate identity visuals. We have designed lead-driven content strategy and drip campaigns. With zero advertising spending, we created an average of 400 leads per month. We increased our monthly lead by 300% within 12 months.

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