The #1 ResponseDGA Rule of choosing a great marketing agency is to make sure they have delivered results for companies similar to yours.


The main objective was to increase brand awareness and maximize reach while decreasing Cost-per-View. Adopted Google’s programmatic solutions, utilized Trueview Ad Sequence, and made sure content positioning was above the fold. In the meantime, custom and advanced real-time marketing dashboards were created as well. As a result, we reached 3.2 million unique users and the CPV reached a 10% lower than planned.


Established the entire e-commerce operation by managing digital advertising accounts, creating a website, establishing an analytical structure, and preparing special reports. With a holistic approach, the media and content strategy was designed from scratch in two months.


The goal was to increase the number and quality of leads and decrease CPV. Used both social media ads and Google programmatic ads. Tracked KPIs in real-time for each objective while search ads were structured to generate more leads. As a result, a 633% increase in conversion rate on social media ads and a 244% increase in incoming leads on search were achieved.

Real Estate

Prepared an annual lead generation route. Human resources, technology tools and processes were completely managed alongside the company.


Designed an analytical framework and created dashboards with real-time feed. Implemented UX principles and designed buyers’ journeys to increase conversion rates.


The purpose was to increase brand awareness and leads while decreasing the cost per lead. We performed 2,000 multivariate analysis for customer acquisition and remarketing on social media. We constantly selected the best performing target audience segments and the campaign continued while we evaluate search trends and classified users according to the campaigns. The outcome was an 82% decrease in cost per lead in social media ads and a 189% increase in conversion rate with programmatic ads.


The target was to increase the number and the quality of Sales Qualified Leads while maintaining the optimum budget level. In order to do that, we performed precised optimizations and budget tracking, we created detailed targeting customizations and utilized Google Display & Video 360 platform. As a result, the number of leads increased by 933% since the beginning of the campaign, and the monthly number of leads increased by 523%.

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