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2020 Inbound Marketing Trends

What is Inbound Marketing?

Since 2006, Inbound Marketing has been one of the most effective methods which was found out by Hubspot and being more complicated while the digital world has been evolving. In short, Inbound Marketing is an ongoing marketing effort in comprising of SEO, social media and content marketing strategies which will attract your target audiences to be willingly your prospects in the future. So, Inbound Marketing is attempting to manifest by adding value and information about the brand and product related topic, while direct selling based contents are out of 2020 trends. Thanks to Inbound Marketing, your audience will be exposed by the content which is created by your brand, the brand awareness will increase accordingly in long-term period and your brand will become an opinion leader which will directly or subconsciously affect the purchase decision of your prospects.

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Your Brand will Outstand By Following These 9 Inbound Marketing Trends of 2020:

1- Progressive Fields in Forms

Despite the fact that forms are one of the main components which we prefer to collect qualified lead data, they are scary if you keep them long. Just as you can’t ask a hundred questions on the first date, forms have to be created as short as possible to prevent your audiences from bouncing out and be annoyed. Progressive Fields are a great form technique to collect essential and missing data without annoying your audience. So, What is exactly Progressive Fields in Forms? This forms intent to collect essential and to the point information such as name, surname, email on the first visit, and remember the previous visits of the same visitor and ask uncompleted questions on the further visits.

2- Strength your Organic Presence on Google Search Results

According to the research, one of the major factors of purchase decision is the visibility of the service or product on Google Search results. Since the product is heard through word of mouth, billboard, television, digital advertisement or somewhere else, the first destination of the consumer will be definitely Google to research about the product, so keep improving your SEO performance also in 2020. SEO is an ongoing process as Google algorithm has been evolving since beginning and the market is quite competitive.

How much do you know about Featured Snippets? Featured Snippets are “number 0” search results which are selected meticulously by Google and featured on top of Google’s organic results and answer the users’ specific questions. By listing your content as Featured Snippet, you will be the very first to be showcased even before the first search result on Google, so you can also focus on Featured Snippet Optimization in 2020.

3- A/B Test for SEO

One of the features that makes digital marketing measurable is the A/B tests that allow you to identify your most accurate and beneficial actions. A/B tests are one of the digital marketing strategies that will allow you to choose the right strategy and get your efforts back. You can make A/B tests for your SEO strategy by minor changes such as two different titles, meta descriptions and visuals.

Tip: You can start A/B Tests with the contents that get high “Impression” but low “Click Through Rate” that you can simply track on Google Analytics.

4- Video Marketing

Video Marketing maintains its importance in 2020 just as in 2019. Considering the fact that 54% of consumers watch video content related to the product or brand they are interested in (Hubspot, 2018) will be a pretty major reason to start producing brand-new video content strategy for 2020. 

5- Podcast Content

Podcasts are one of the outstanding Inbound Marketing trends in 2020. Podcasts are one of the most important marketing strategies since brands prefer to touch society’s daily life, as well as listeners are loyal consumers and can listen without disrupting their routine once they start a podcast series. You can develop Podcast content or strategy, especially if your campaign targets across Spain, America and England which are the countries with the highest podcast listening rates.

6- Marketing Automation and Email Marketing

According to a Hubspot study, emails don’t disturb people as long as they meet the needs of the users. The golden rule in determining these needs is “Personalized Emails”. The right personalized and need-oriented email strategy consists of creating the right segmented user data and sending different content to each different action of that users. Thanks to Marketing Automation Systems, it will be very easy, measurable and handy to follow.

7- Get to Know About Gen Z and Their Own Terms

As much as you positively affect the purchase decision of Gen Z which are over 18 year-old and consist of 40% of the consumers, you will guarantee long-term success and consistency. By talking to Gen Z, bold and sustainable customers of the future, on their own terms will attract them and build strong connections between your brand. For sustainable and agile brand strategy, you need to consider the importance of Gen Z.

8- The Power of Artificial Intelligence: Programmatic Advertising

As a result of the evolution of technology in the context of digital advertising, Real-Time Bidding is one of the most time-consuming and stressful workloads. Rather than wasting time in such an area, we recommend you to allocate your efforts in different fields of marketing. By using artificial intelligence technologies designed only for machine learning advertising, you can minimize manpower, and thanks to these technologies with unlimited knowledge, you can advertise to the most accurate areas and optimize the successes that human power cannot achieve. Programmatic advertising offers a Real-Time Bidding concept that automates, optimizes, and is based on data and machine learning. By adapting your brand to the cutting-edge technologies, you can keep your brand up-to-date for any future scenario in the field of artificial intelligence and advertising.

9- Chatbots

Chatbots are among the trends in 2020 as another blessing of Artificial Intelligence, which can respond to the most curious questions of visitors as well as reducing the cost of Customer Service. Chatbots, which will allow you to collect information about your target audience, will also help you to collect qualified leads in a natural way.

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