20 Growth Marketers You Should Be Include Them to Your Network

Growth marketing is getting more and more attraction since the early 2010s. When the demand is high, supply is also increasing. So one of the best ways to educate yourself about growth marketing is by following thought leaders and well-known growth hackers.

While the growth mindset is getting popular, organizations especially startups and tech companies noticed the trend and create vacancies for growth hackers. Eventually, brands leveraged growth hacking by hiring talented people which resulted in exponential growth and sales. You haven’t heard which companies benefitted from growth marketers? Some of them are Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Google, TikTok.

But who are these people? What do the growth experts do? Where are they, how to get in touch with them, what are their skills and specialties? We selected 20 growth marketers around the world for you to follow, be inspired, and know the nuances in the field.

We’re listing well-known 20 growth marketers from all around the world, in no particular order. And we’ll use their descriptions about themselves on LinkedIn or Angel.co.

Murat Durak

About: I don’t have a career. I have a lifestyle. I define myself as the Pi-Shaped Marketer.

I’ve purposefully built a career that is both broad and deep in all facets of marketing. I combine brand building and digital growth marketing with a strong creative acumen and commercial IQ. It is this combination that has contributed to, built, and led to brand and business success for some of the leading brands – that I’ve been fortunate to serve.

Experience: Response Digital Growth Agency, Performer, Trend Group Marketing Research and Trend Consultancy

Specialties: Digital Growth Marketing, Data Strategy Development, Demand Generation & Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation (Hubspot, SalesForce), CRM, Web / App Analytics, Media Mix Modelling, Marketing Attribution, Conversion Optimisation, Digital Research & Insights, Martech & AdTech, International Digital Marketing Operation Management (EMEA, AMERICA),

Social: linkedin.com/in/muratdurak

Barbra Gago

About: Revenue-focused marketing executive with over 12 years of experience building customer-centric brands and scalable marketing engines that drive rapid growth in mid-market and enterprise.

Experience: Pando, Miro, Life Dojo,

Specialties: Demand Generation, Online Marketing, Lead Generation

Social: linkedin.com/in/barbragago

Brian Balfour

About: I’m currently the Founder/CEO at Reforge. Before that, I was VP of Growth at Hubspot working on new product initiatives such as the HubSpot Sales and HubSpot CRM products.

Experience: Reforge, Hubspot,

Specialties: Growth, Customer Acquisition, Marketing, Product Management, Social Networking, Social Gaming, Game Mechanics, Online Communities, Startups, Entrepreneurship,

Social: linkedin.com/in/bbalfour

Julia Yan

About: Product marketing leader with a proven track record of building high-performing marketing programs. Developed scalable initiatives through cutting-edge techniques that consistently drive both marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

Experience: TikTok, Bytedance, Amazon

Specialties: Growth, User Acquisition, B2C & B2B Marketing, Creative Strategy, Digital Advertising, International Expansion, Data Analytics, Product Management, Strategy Consulting

Social: linkedin.com/in/juliayan

Gustaf Alströmer

About: Gustaf Alstromer is a partner at Y Combinator. Before joining Y Combinator he spent 4.5 years at Airbnb where he worked as a Product Lead on the Growth team, a team he helped start in 2012.

Experience: Y Combinator, Airbnb, Voxer

Specialties: Viral Marketing, Product Development, Product Management, Product Strategy, Product Marketing, Entrepreneurship, User Growth, Mobile Growth

Social: linkedin.com/in/gustafalstromer

Jill Essig

About: Highly motivated and results-driven marketer with a proven track record of translating customer data and insights into effective marketing programs for leading global brands. 12+ years’ experience in CRM program design and execution, test & learn, contact strategy planning, customer segmentation, custom research, and leadership of both direct reports and cross-functional teams.

Experience:  The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox

Specialties: Customer Relationship Management, Performance Marketing, Marketing Automation, Segmentation and Targeting, A/B Testing and Optimization, Marketing Analytics and Reporting, Budgeting and Forecasting, Team Leadership, Project Management

Social: linkedin.com/in/jill-essig

Alex Schultz

About: I’m Alex (he/him). I am really proud to be openly gay at work and my personal life and to have a successful career at a couple of big-name internet companies. I’d like that to act as an example to other LGBTI+ people out there that it’s possible to get to the top of your field and be out. I am also now exec sponsor of the Facebook global pride@ group.

Experience: Facebook, eBay

Specialties: Growth, Online Marketing, Analytics

Social: linkedin.com/in/alexorig

Cynthia Kleinbaum

About: Marketing & Strategy Executive with 18+ years of experience translating customer insights into strategies, shaping the company and brand visions, and developing teams. Harvard MBA with brand management, strategy, e-commerce and loyalty marketing experience. Proven track record of growing revenues and profitability by leveraging strong leadership and analytical skills, as well as collaborative and entrepreneurial nature.

Experience: Walmart, Bonobos, Gilt,

Specialties: Brand Management, Customer Insights, Strategy, e-Commerce

Social: linkedin.com/in/cynthia-kleinbaum-63685b2

Guillaume Cabane

About: After leading growth teams at high-growth startups like Segment and Drift, I’m now a growth advisor at B2B SaaS Startups including G2, Gorgias, Metadata, Madkudu, and others.

Experience: HyperGrowth Partner, Segment, Drift, Gorgias

Specialties: E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing

Social: linkedin.com/in/cabane

Dani Hart

About: After working in demanding roles in tech, I know the importance of health and wellness for lasting high performance. I’m now helping leaders become more resilient in order to live more sustainable lives. I do this through 1:1 coaching, speaking, teaching yoga classes & leading retreats.

Experience: Growth Gal, Growthmentor, GrowthHackers,

Specialties: Growth, Psychometrics, Writing, Marketing, Direct mail, A/B Testing, Marketing Automation, AI, Change Management, Customer Success, Leadership Development, Long-term Sustainability

Social: linkedin.com/in/dahart

Neil Patel

About: I am a New York Times bestselling author. The Wall Street Journal calls me a top influencer on the web, Forbes says I am one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says I created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. I was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

Experience: Neil Patel Digital

Specialties: SEO, Online Marketing, Web Analytics

Social: linkedin.com/in/neilkpatel

Elise Dopson

About: I write & refresh sales/marketing blog posts for B2B SaaS companies. Bylines: CoSchedule, CXL, Shopify, Content Marketing Institute, Databox, and more. I teach all of that through Peak Freelance, a private membership community for freelance writers who want to scale their businesses.

Experience: Peak Freelance, Databox, CXL

Specialties: B2B Content, Copywriting, Content Writer

Social: linkedin.com/in/elise-dopson

Brian Dean

About: Brian Dean has been called an “SEO genius” by Entrepreneur.com and a “brilliant entrepreneur” by Inc Magazine. Brian’s award-winning blog, Backlinko.com, has been listed by Forbes as a top “blog to follow”.

Experience: Backlinko, Exploding Topics

Specialties: SEO, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing

Social: linkedin.com/in/brianedean

Katelyn Bourgoin

About: I’m a marketer by trade and a 4X founder by choice. My specialty is helping marketers and product teams figure out what triggers customers to buy so they can market smarter. I’ve been called an “influential entrepreneur” by Forbes and named as one of the “top 20 wonder women of SaaS marketing and growth.”

Experience: Customer Camp, Vendeve

Specialties: Social Media Marketing, Media Relations, Marketing Communications

Social: linkedin.com/in/kallenro

Julian Shapiro

About: I help grow and fund startups. I also write at Julian.com.

Experience: Bell Curve, Demand Curve, TechCrunch

Specialties: Web Development, Startups, Marketing

Social: linkedin.com/in/julian-shapiro

Joanna Vaiou

About: Hi there, I am an SEO Specialist partnering with Companies since early 2013. I joined the space as a self-starter in early 2009. Four years later, I started my own SEO consulting/project management SEO business, and “they lived happily ever after”.

Specialties: SEO, Link Building, Digital Marketing

Social: linkedin.com/in/joannavaiou

Jordie Black

About: I’m a content marketer and copywriter consulting working with B2B and SaaS companies helping them tell their story and generate revenue through the power of words. Having worked with startups, enterprises alike, I understand what it means to discover, write to, and promote content to specific audiences. I have extensive experience writing in the following industries: ecommerce, marketing, social media, digital marketing, technology.

Experience: Copy and check, Saatchi & Saatchi pro London

Specialties: Content Marketing, Paid Media, SEO

Social: linkedin.com/in/jordieblack

Mayur Gupta

About: Mayur Gupta is the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Gannett – USA Today Network where he is responsible to lead the transformation of Gannett from the largest news media company to a growing content subscription platform that is obsessed with user value and not just traffic. He leads a team of growth strategists, brand and performance marketers, data scientists and product managers to drive growth both for it’s D2C content business and B2B SaaS martech & adtech platform for local businesses. He is responsible to actualize Gannett’s mission to build trusted local communities where people thrive.

Experience: Garnett, USA Today, Spotify

Specialties: Digital Marketing, e-Commerce, Analytics

Social: linkedin.com/in/mayurgupta77

Dave Gerhardt

About: I love building something from nothing and getting the right people to pay attention. I’m addicted to the feedback loop in marketing. But for me, marketing isn’t about tools & technology or the latest growth hack — it’s about copywriting, storytelling, and understanding people. The rest follows.

Experience: Privy, Drift, Hubspot

Specialties: Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Communications

Social: linkedin.com/in/davegerhardt

Fareed Mosavat

About: Growth, Product, and Engineering leader for some great startups.

Experience: Reforge, Slack, Instacart, Zynga, RunKeeper

Specialties: Product Growth, Product Development, Product Management, Python, Social Games

Social: linkedin.com/in/fareed

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